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s have a warm and rich glow

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The Best Tanning Lotions Of 2011 Health Articles | April 1 Cheap Replica NHL Jerseys , 2011
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Obsidian Tanning Lotion

Obsidian is easy on the skin. It always leaves you feeling smooth and soft, and it contains bronzing agents that help you not just block out the harmful aspects of the sun, but actually harnesses that power into a tan that can conceivably last you the rest of the summer. Rather than producing the fake looking orange color on your skin Cheap Authentic NHL Jerseys , Obsidian contains 30 bronzing agents that act to preserve the natural integrity of your tan and leaves you looking dark.

Luminary Tanning Lotion

Also promising you long lasting color, Luminary adds anti aging elements into the mix for people concerned about the effects that the sun can have on skin as they get older. Cancers and burns are not the only things that age minded individuals have to consider. Crow's feet and wrinkles also occur the more of a beating that your skin takes. There to help is silicone emulsion and some of the most superior ingredients on the market to aid in the continuous hydration of skin.

Jwoww Tanning Lotion

The major emphasis with Jwoww is on color, and not the sickly orange kind that so many cheaper lotions produce. With Jwoww you get an especially dark blend of bronzers so that your next trip to the pool will leave you with color that can stay with you for months to come. The vitamins and hemp seed extract contained therein are especially helpful in protecting the skin even as it is darkened.

Black Storm Tanning Lotion

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Paint It Black 50x

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