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WELLINGTON, March 4 (Xinhua) -- Thousands of people have descended on Christchurch,the biggest city of South Island in New Zealand, for the official opening of the Te Matatini kapa haka festival Wednesday.

The biannual festival attracts hundreds of performers from around the country Barry Bonds Jersey , and Australia, to compete for the title of Toa Whakaikuha. Kapa haka is the term for Maori performing arts and literally means to form a line (kapa) and dance (haka). Kapa Haka is an avenue for Maori people to express and showcase their heritage and cultural Polynesian identity through song and dance.

The Te Matatini kapa haka festival will last for four days. A haka, written especially for the event, was performed by more than 300 local performers and provided a rousing start to the event.

Education Minister Hekia Parata wishes the best of luck to everyone involved in this week's festival in Christchurch. "Te Matatini showcases the very best of Maori performing arts talent. It's a celebration of identity, language and culture at the highest level and I'm looking forward to being amongst it."

Organizers expected the festival to bring about 6 million NZ dollars into the Christchurch economy.

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