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How To Rent A Home Or Apartment After Bankruptcy
Posted by nick_niesen on October 29th Cedric Ogbuehi Bengals Jersey , 2010

If you are planning on renting a home or apartment and have a past bankruptcy, there are some things you should know.

First, you need to determine who you are planning to rent from - meaning a private party or a property management company.

Why does it matter? Because each one usually approaches the rental process very differently. If you don't know what their process is, you could end up being out $30-60 in credit report fees.

There are a number of strategies you can use to increase your chances of being approved for a home or apartment rental. I know, because I have used them when renting in the past - both from private parties and property management companies.

I'm not going to cover every single strategy here, as there isn't enough room Josh Malone Bengals Jersey , but here's one you can start with:

If you are applying for a rental with a property management company, find out what their rental criteria is. It sounds like common sense, but a lot of people submit a rental application, with a non-refundable credit report fee, only to be turned down because of their credit history.

Don't let this happen to you! If you know what the criteria is in advance, and you find out by asking Carl Lawson Bengals Jersey , you will at least have an idea of whether or not you can qualify.

If you have a bankruptcy it doesn't necessarily mean you'll be declined. Much depends on the property management company's guidelines. For example, a property management company may still rent to you - but maybe they'll ask for a higher security deposit.

In After Bankruptcy Credit Solutions I go into more detail on specific strategies you can use to increase your chances of qualifying for an apartment or home rental.

I do not have enough room in this article to discuss strategies when it comes from renting from private parties. However, it can be a much different experience than renting from property management companies.

In my experience, private parties tend to be less rigid in their rental screening process. This means there are some things you should NOT do during the rental screening process - otherwise you could end up being turned down pretty quickly. But I'll save those for another article on renting after bankruptcy.

Copyright © 2005 Innovative Solutions Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved.


This information is designed to provide only a general overview of the subject matter herein.

This information is provided with the understanding that neither the publisher nor author is engaged in rendering legal, accounting or other professional advice. If legal or other expert assistance is required Jordan Willis Bengals Jersey , the services of a professional should be sought.

Neither the publisher nor author shall be liable for any loss or damages, including but not limited to special,consequential, incidental or other damages, caused by the information contained herein.

In some countries, when you apply for a driving licence and finally get it Nick Vigil Bengals Jersey , you will find these words emblazoned on the cover of the licence – Driving is a Privilege, Not a Right. While the idea might be conveyed in a very blunt manner, it is true. Not just driving a vehicle, even riding an animal is something that people must do only when they are very sure that they will be able to control the animal and undertaking all the safety precautions.

Pony and horse riding are quite popular tourist activities, and you will find these activities in almost every tourist area that has a beach or even big gardens available. While the activity in itself is enjoyable, there are some safety tips that you should consider Joe Mixon Bengals Jersey , because a horse riding or even a pony riding accident can have some long term and devastating effects on the person.

Horse riding safety begins right from choosing the kind of horse. However, nobody can make out immediately whether a horse or pony has a good demeanour or not, try to pay attention to the general demeanour of the horse, and if you think that, anything is wrong, stay away from that horse. A small percentage of horse riding accidents occur because the horse is frustrated John Ross Bengals Jersey , tired, mistreated, and a victim of abuse and general maltreatment. No animal wants to harm human beings, but there are times when they just lose it, and you would want to be the unfortunate person at the receiving end of all animal rage.

Another reason of horse riding accidents is that the tourists do not pay attention to the directions given by the trainer and the people who are looking after the riding activity. Some try stunts, while some ignore the basic safety tips that the handler provides Dre Kirkpatrick Bengals Jersey , like holding a particular part of the carriage, and not doing some miscellaneous actions that might irritate the horse.

You should also ensure that you are wearing thickset clothes while going for a horse ride. Horse riding is a fun activity, but it is not without its fair share of risk of injuries. People have ridden horse back since centuries, but they have worn proper attire that shields them not just from the natural elements but also from the risk of falling down and having a rough and tumble. Therefore, unless you have the right kind of safety accessories, do not go for a horse ride Vontaze Burfict Bengals Jersey , however good the idea may sound.

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