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Registrert: 21.06.2018
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InnleggSkrevet: fr. aug. 24, 2018 04:35

PARIS, Nov. 12 (Xinhua) -- Following is the men's singles final classification from Trophee de France, the fourth ISU figure skating Grand Prix of the 2016-2017 season, after free skate here on Saturday:

1. Javier Fernandez, Spain, 285.38 points (short program 96.57 + free skate 188.81)

2. Denis Ten, Kazakhstan, 269.26 (89.21+180.05)

3. Adam Rippon, United States, 267.53 (85.25+182.2Cool

4. Nathan Chen, United States, 264.80 (92.85+171.95)

5. Takahito Mura, Japan, 248.42 (78.38+170.04)

6. Jorik Hendrickx, Belgium, 230.47 (80.34+150.13)

7. Misha Ge, Uzbekistan, 229.06 (72.49+156.57)

8. Chafik Besseghier, France, 225.02 (77.00+148.02)

9. Artur Dmitriev, Russia, 218.70 (64.48+154.22)

10. Brendan Kerry, Australia, 199.40 (70.67+128.73)

11. Ivan Righini, Italy, 185.81 (68.42+117.39)


Get out of your head and into your heart. When you honor the Now you become a channel for the will of the living uiniverse. The ego is removed from the equation. It only at this time when the heart is permitted to lead the mind. This is what I refer to as iving with heart-based intention”.

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Thoughts alone do not create. Besides what books such as “The Secret” have taught, positive thoughts alone cannot create your reality. The truth is Wholesale College Jerseys , thoughts distort reality because they come from the known. Memories and early conditioning are the sources for most of our thoughts. Thoughts are a reactive, not an active aspect of creativity.

Accepting the present moment as it comes is thesecret to living in the heart. It’s as if you are saying to the Source, “I have faith in whatever it is you present to me in this very moment.” Understand that whatever the Source presents to you is a gift. This is why it is called the “present?

When you see yourself becoming upset or frustrated with situations that occur now and then during your every day life, it is wise to observe these moments as little “alarm clocks” ringing off as a reminder to refrain from identifying so intimately with what is happening. We are the eternal consciousness separate from what is happening. The present human tends to identify so completely with what is happening to them that they forget to create some space in between what is happening and who they are.

The Next Human, on the other hand, will observe the present moment for what it is Wholesale Jerseys Cheap , and therefore find it much easier to accept. There will be no identification with what is happening in the Now, and therefore, there is always a space created in between the drama, conflicts, and challenges — and the eternal Self. This bolsters the Self to live a life of non-reaction, non-resistance Wholesale Jerseys , and non-violence.

So, if your wish is to live in your heart and not in your mind, then begin by allowing presence to come into your life gradually and over time. When the phone rings, before rushing to answer it, pause for a few seconds. Become completely present. Once you are focused and your mind is calm, then proceed to answer it. You’ll find that the universe will reciprocate the honor you are giving to it Wholesale Wisconsin Badgers Jerseys , and will mirror the same respect back to you. This is the way of the Next Human.

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