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Special Types of Mediums

Rice paper is a very delicate medium with lots of natural imperfections that lend beauty and character to the painting. Some rice paper has flecks Cheap Gonzalo Castro Jersey , sparkle, gold, and silver incorporated within the paper. After painting, the rice paper is mounted to another sheet of rice paper to form a backing.

Silk fabric is used as a medium for painting. It comes in various colors such as white Cheap Felix Passlack Jersey , gold and greenish gold. It is very durable, but difficult to paint on. The painter must have lots of patience. He must paint over and over with the natural inks to create depth and strength of color. The fabric tends to absorb color rapidly. Silk is a medium of the Royalty; it creates a background of softness and elegance to any painting.

Explanation of Natural Inks

The ancient people of Aztecs, Mayans, and Incans all used natural inks. The Chinese also have used natural inks for thousands of years. Natural inks are non toxic Cheap Erik Durm Jersey , versatile and can be used to create different effects on various mediums such as rice paper, silk, and cotton paper. The colors are brilliant and as varied as nature. Even today it is possible to see these brilliant natural inks still well preserved in ancient artifacts of Central, South America Cheap Emre Mor Jersey , and Asian Countries such as China and Japan.

Paintings with natural inks can last for 1000's of years. Natural inks are very color fast and resistant to the sun and water. Even if a painting with natural inks gets wet, the inks will not run. The black inks are prepared from the carbon of pine trees that are 400 to 500 years old mixed with distilled water and a binding agent. The color pigments are made from various insects or parts of plants like the bark or flowers of plants. For example, one type of red ink and turquoise ink are made from different parts of cacti. The use of natural inks revives an ancient tradition of many world cultures. The natural inks create dynamic and colorful pieces of art work that will hold their color and beauty for years to come.

Styles of Paintings

Ernesto Apomayta uses numerous styles and techniques in his paintings. True to the symbolscalligraphy of the Incans and the calligraphy of the Chinese he paints with the movements, order Cheap Dzenis Burnic Jersey , balance, and rhythms of these writing techniques. Some are with broad strokes and openness of movement while others are fine detailed lines but all honor the rules of calligraphy and the concepts of Feng Shui. On some his brush may carry more than one color to create a blend of colors. All of the colors he uses are mixed by him from the five basic core colors of the color palate.

Some of his techniques are based on ancient techniques that he has revived in his paintings. Many of the birds, flowers, and butterflies are painted with what he calls a high 'stress technique? which is done by layering transparent paint over and over to create depth and dimension. Later with a very fine brush the tiny detail is painted. This technique is very time consuming but the result is unbelievably beautiful.

Other paintings are abstracts that express a spiritual message and the beauty and harmony of nature while leaving it up to the mind to interpret the message.

Copyright: ? 2004 by Ernesto Apomayta

Publishing Guidelines: You may publish my article in your newsletter Cheap Dominik Reimann Jersey , on your web site, or in your print publication provided you include the resource box at the end. Notification would be appreciated but is not required.

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