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InnleggSkrevet: fr. aug. 24, 2018 04:52
Riding a bike is a marvelous experience for each and every kid , offering up entertainment, independence and fitness. It grows a kid’s self-confidence and feeling of accomplishment. Like most activities with this kind of wonderful reward, there is also the chance of injury. Giving your child an understanding of the basics of bike safety is an essential step in mastering the skill of riding a bike.

Helmets Save Lives

Head injuries account for more than 60% of all bicycle related deaths involving young cyclists. Usually just do it nike air max pas cher , youngsters detest donning a helmet. To persuade use, let them find their own helmet and remind them the reason they have to put it on is because you’d never ever want anything harmful to occur. No helmet, no bike. End of story.

Stay Alert

For kids ten and under nike air max pas cher , nearly all cycling mishaps are caused through some loss of concentration or lapse in judgment. Young children hurt themselves riding into standing objects like cars in driverways or on the street or street signs. They collide into other kids or ride off the curb. Make it clear to your youngster that being alert is just as important as wearing their helmet. Let them know you are proud of their ability to make smart decisions and ask them to be a leader when they are riding with friends.

As you grant new freedom for your child to roam on their bike, sit down and discuss the new zones they will be permitted to ride. Indicate hazard spots; parked cars that prevent clear paths of vision, busy traffic spots Homme Nike Air Max Fury Tout Blanche Pas Cher , large hills and ensure they understand exactly how they will cope with each problem.

Obey the Traffic Rules

For nearly all grown ups, recognizing and responding to traffic signs and regulations is 2nd nature, however we sometimes forget that youngsters have yet to take driver’s education classes. Show your children the right direction to ride (with traffic) Homme Nike M2K Tekno Jogging Noir Pas Cher , how to handle a 4-way stop and other intersections as well as the significance of the traffic signs in their own bike riding area.

While driving along with your boy or girl in a car, check to see if they can explain the traffic signs and talk regarding what they would do if they were on their bicycle instead of in the car. Point out examples of motorists that are not paying sufficient attention and use that to call attention to the importance of keeping alert.

Learn the Right Way From the Start

Learning to ride a bicycle is really about one necessary skill – balance. Countless experts suggest the approach that will not require training wheels. This has been the process within Europe for quite some time where many kids learn to ride using a balance bike which has no pedals, chain or sprockets and works under the child’s “foot” power.
When teaching your own child to ride Femme Nike M2K Tekno Phantom Rose Pas Cher , stress balance, not pedaling. If you do not have a balance bike, take off the pedals Femme Nike M2K Tekno Blanche Pure Platinum Pas Cher , lower the seat as low as it will go and permit the child to try out their sense of balance by walking the bike.

As they start to master their balance, move them to the top of a small hill and let them coast down, dragging their feet on the ground as they go. This can hasten the learning process and help the health of your back because you won’t be the person constantly pushing the bicycle around the neighborhood.

Bike Equipment Maintenance

It’s important to make sure that your son or daughter’s bike is always in excellent Femme Nike M2K Tekno Phantom Oil Grise Pas Cher , working condition. Pay close attention the brakes, both front and back. These can degrade quickly when used frequently and children have a way of improvising stops when they do. This might lead to a rapid deterioration of footwear as they become the primary braking mechanism.

Check the tire pressure and rotation. Make sure all the spokes are intact and the gears and gear shifters are working. Check the seat, handlebars and tires to make sure nothing is loose.

Share the Ride

Riding together is the perfect way to practice bike safety and its a lot of fun. So get out and ride!

push bikes

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